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Be on guard against Medicare fraud!

During open enrollment, you will probably get approached about many different Medicare health insurance programs. While the vast majority of people who approach you are licensed insurance agents who adhere to strict ethical and legal standards, it pays to be careful in order to protect your own identity and personal information. Of course, you can also help protect Medicare against fraud, and this helps everybody enjoy lower costs and benefit benefits.

medicare-fraudAt Trusted Senior Specialists, we want to help you make the most of your Medicare benefits with the best Medicare health insurance plan for your own unique needs and budget. Please contact us at 1-855-474-6234 or at info@ilovetss.com.

Protect your identity and information against Medicare fraud

  • The health insurance marketplace: First, the new health insurance marketplace is not for people who already have Medicare benefits. Those plans are meant for mostly for people who do not have access to other affordable health insurance. If anybody knows you are on Medicare and tries to sell you a marketplace plan, it is actually illegal.
  • Medicare and Social Security cards: Protect your Social Security and Medicare card just like you protect your credit cards: Don't hand over your information to just anybody. Of course, your agent will need that information to enroll you in a Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan, but nobody should need it just to give you information about your choices.

Be wary of giveaways that require your Medicare or Social Security number: If somebody is giving you medical supplies or equipment for free, they shouldn't need this personal information any more than they should need a credit card number.

If you suspect any type of Medicare fraud, or if you are not sure if you should hand over your personal information, simply call 1-800-Medicare.

Let us help protect your health and finances
At Trusted Senior Specialists, we want to help protect your finances and your health. Our ethical and licensed agents only ask for the personal information that they need to help you enroll in a health plan. Please contact us at 1-855-474-6234 or at info@ilovetss.com.

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