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3 Ways Moving Affects Your Medicare Benefits


Are you 65 and older, on Medicare and planning on moving to a new county or state?  If so, you may be wondering if there are any changes you will need to make to your Medicare coverage, and what exactly those changes may be.  Down below, we broke down the parts of Medicare and steps needed to take if you are moving:  

  • Original Medicare:  If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A, Part B, or both, you will not need to make any changes to your coverage if you are moving EXCEPT to call or get online with Social Security and update the address and information that they have on file for you.  Original Medicare does not have provider networks so you are able to see any doctor, or use any hospital throughout the country that accepts Original Medicare.  
  • Medicare Advantage Plan or a Prescription Drug Plan (Part C and Part D of Medicare): If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) or a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) and are moving outside your plan’s service area you will need to enroll in a new plan within your new service area.  The time frame in which you will be able to enroll in a new plan under a Special Election Period will depend on when you alert your current plan that you are moving.  If you inform your plan the month before you are planning to move, you will have that full month plus two full months after you move to make the change.  If you wait to tell your plan after you move, you will have the month you moved plus two months to make the change.  If you relocate out of your plan's service area and fail to enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan you will automatically be enrolled back in Original Medicare. In the case that you move to a new address but are still within your plan's service area, but  find yourself with new plan options, you are still able to switch to a new Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan.             
  • Medicare Supplement (Medi-gap) Plan: In many cases you are able to stay with your current Medigap plan if you are moving out of state as long as you stay enrolled in Original Medicare.  Medigap plans are generally standardized across the country. Medigap benefits can be used to cover costs from any provider, regardless of the state, as long as they accept  Medicare, however, you still need to notify the Insurance company that provides your supplemental coverage and let them know that you are moving and update your information with them.

We know that relocating can be a hectic time for anyone, and sometimes even the smallest details can get swept under the rug.  If you are moving and need some assistance in finding plans available in your area, give us a call! Our knowledgeable specialists can help ensure that you have proper coverage and protection you need.  

If any of these points prompt you to change your current Medicare plan, download our Review, Compare and Change Guide. This guide will help you collect and align all the necessary information you'll need to make a smooth transition into your new plan! 


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