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4 Ways to Achieve An Awesome Night of Sleep


Our sleep needs change throughout our lifetime, and interestingly enough, some doctors recommend that as adults we need seven to nine hours of sleep to qualify as getting a healthy night of rest . While some can function with six or less hours of sleep a night without feeling dragging and drowsy the rest of the day, that is just not the case for everyone. Adequate sleep makes you feel better, although it goes way beyond just boosting your mood, sleep is a key part to a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight and mind. If you wake up everyday feeling exhausted from lack of sleep, try some of these tips and tricks and hopefully they will help you catch some extra Zzz’s.

Watch what you eat or drink before bed

Eating a heavy or spicy meal right before you head off to be can affect your sleep as your body doesn’t have an adequate amount of time to digest a big meal before you lay down. Going to bed hungry is not ideal either. If you feel hungry before bed,just try a light snack. Also, try to stay away from drinking anything caffeinated. If you feel like you need something with flavor, there are some great flavored waters you can find at the local grocery store. If a warm cup of tea if your thing, there are many decaffeinated brands, and some that even boast that they can help with sleep. Try not to drink too much before bedtime though! That could keep you up during the night as well.

Create a calm sleeping environment

Keeping your bedroom dark and cool has been said to be a good way to help with sleep. Room darkening curtains or use of an eye mask may help if you are a light sleeper. Also, if you have a TV in your room, try to keep it off. My primary care physician told me that he suggests that his patients stop using electronics up to two hours before bedtime. These can be huge distractions and also stimulate your brain. If you can pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and try relaxing that way before bed. Try to use soft lighting when you read before bed.


Try to develop a routine

Try to fall asleep at the same time every night. If you wake up in the middle of the night, do not turn on the lights or look to see what time it is. Just try to lay in the quiet and fall back to sleep. Hopefully by falling asleep at the same time every night you will then start to awaken at the same time every morning to get yourself in a good routine.



If you are able to remain active during the day you should do so. There are so many benefits to having a good exercise routine. If you can take a quick walk before bedtime, you may find that getting out and getting some fresh air helps. 


Sleep is essential to good mental health as well. If you are not getting enough sleep at night it may leave you feeling anxious, stressed out and edgy. If you try some of these tips and you are still struggling with sleeplessness it may be time to reach out to your primary care doctor to see if they can help you. There just might be an underlying problem that you are unaware of.

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