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5 Reasons We Love Medicare (And why you should too)


There are several reasons why we love the Medicare system. Outside of helping millions of beneficiaries pay for expected and unexpected health cost, it gives families the peace of mind they need to know their moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents will be in good hands . But here are 5 specific reasons why our feelings for Medicare runs deep. 

1. Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage

Medicare provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for Americans aged 65 and older who have worked and paid into the system.  It also provides insurance to younger people with disabilities and those who have End Stage Renal Disease.  Today, only about 2% of the elderly lack health insurance, compared to the 48% that went without coverage before the inception of Medicare.  Roughly 9 million Americans who are receiving Social Security benefits receive healthcare coverage through Medicare.


2. Free Preventative Health Screenings

Medicare provides free preventative health screenings.  Seniors do not have to pay for preventative services such as Cancer or Diabetes screenings.  They also no not have to pay for Mammograms, Glaucoma testing and once a year Wellness visits thanks to provisions made by the Affordable Care Act.


3. Minimizes the "Donut Hole"

Medicare Part D plans provide roughly 41 million older Americans with Prescription Drug Coverage.  The program will continue to see improvements throughout the years as the coverage gap, often referred to as the “donut hole” will be phased about by 2020.


4. There is "Extra Help" For Those Who Need It

Everyone deserves a fair chance at leading a healthy life.  No one deserves to be denied this chance because of who they are, or what their social class is.  Medicare provides greater health equity in America. It offers a critical life line to those older Americans who have a lower income and would not be able to afford medical insurance otherwise.  There are programs available in every state that if you qualify for them, they will help you pay certain costs associated with Medicare.  


5. You Earned It

One of the biggest reasons that Medicare is so universally cherished is because you have earned it!  In return for all of the contributions we make during our working years we get guaranteed health benefits!  


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