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5 Special Medicare Situations You May Have Questions About


When it comes to applying for Medicare, we know there are several questions that may arise when it comes to Medicare enrollment. Especially if you have special cicumstances such as disability, spousal and group coverage, TRICARE, etc. Taking these situations into consideration, we've gathered six common questions centered around unique circumtances that may apply to you when considering Medicare health plans. 


Are You on Disability?

You are already receiving Medicare, either Part A, Bor both Parts due to a disability status, well, turning 65 puts you in a unique position. Because of your 65th birthday, you will have a seven month Initial Election Coverage Period. Watch the video below for more information.


Are You on Tricare?

 If you are on TRICARE, how does this affect your access to Medicare benefits? Do you know the difference between TRICARE for Life vs TRICARE Standard? We answer these questions and more in the video below. 


Do You Have Spousal Benefits and/or Group Coverage?

Many Medicare eligibles are covered under their group or their spouse’s group health plan. Do you need to worry about Medicare at this point? Does Medicare need to know about you? Is there a benefit for you to have some Medicare?


Do You Receive Veterans Affairs benefits?

 If you receive Veterans Affairs Benefits, you might be wondering how Medicare plays into your benefits package. You may also have questions about Veterans Priority Groups and how it affects your acccess to health care programs. We answer some of your basic inquiries in the video below: 


Are You Retiring and Receiving Your Benefits at the Same Time?

 Your full retirement age is 66, however, you are allowed to begin retirement distribution from Social Security as early as age 62. How will this affect your Medicare benefits? Watch this video to learn more! 



Did any of these situations apply to you or someone else you know? If yes, would you like to speak with someone to go over your specific Medicare needs?


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