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Does Medicare Cover Home Improvement For Seniors or Those on Disability?


We received an interesting question about disability and Medicare coverage on our Facebook page and so we decided to make it a blog topic. In this blog, we touch on Medicare Part B, Disabilty Coverage, home improvement funding and  information on where to find grants and loans for home improvements for the disabled and elderly.


I am on Medicare because of a disability. I am in a wheelchair and cannot reach my kitchen cabinets, and my house is just not functional for me and my wheelchair. I was wondering, does Medicare pay for home improvements for the disabled?



Unfortunately Medicare will not cover home modifications, such as the installation of new cabinets, even though they may be considered needed and sensible improvements for those who are disabled. Medicare generally does not pay for any assistive equipment that is not considered medically necessary either. Medicare considers these types of improvements items of convenience rather than medically necessary items.

Medicare rules state that “equipment which basically serves comfort or convenience does not constitute medical equipment” for coverage purposes.

However, Medicare Part B will cover durable medical equipment that is medically necessary, able to withstand repeated use, and is generally not useful to someone in the absence of illness or injury. Durable medical equipment includes items such as crutches, walkers, hospital beds, nebulizers and nebulizer medications, patient lifts, and wheelchairs. In all cases, for you to get coverage for these items, your doctor must prescribe the equipment as necessary for your medical condition. For a complete list of Durable Medical Equipment that Medicare Part B covers please visit: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/durable-medical-equipment-coverage.html .State services may also be able to assist. A good organization to start with is https://aoa.acl.gov/ and a SHIP counselor in your state.


Here are some resources that can help you find home improvement grants and funds for Seniors and those on disabilities. 


Home Improvement Assistance Programs for Seniors 

Grants for Home Repair 

Home Repair /Modification Programs for Elderly Homeowners


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