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Invest In Your Health-Hospital Indemnity

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lesley signature-1If you are ever hospitalized there is a good chance that there will be expenses you will be responsible for beyond what your health plan covers. If you suffer from a chronic or critical illness this could be devastating to your finances.

Not only would there be concerns about getting hospital and doctors bills paid, but what about your daily expenses? Housing, groceries, utility bills.. It all adds up. And quickly!

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Have you heard of a Hospital Indemnity insurance plan?

This is a plan that can cover a percentage of your income while you are out of work and in the hospital.

It provides a cash benefit paid directly to you which can help you with your out of pocket expenses.

Everyone who could possibly get sick can benefit from a Hospital Indemnity plan.

Hospital Indemnity expensesIt is so important that you ask yourselves what expenses you would need to cover if you suddenly found yourself without an income due to injury or illness that were to keep you in the hospital for an extended period of time.


Some plans can even help pay for insurance premiums and deductibles to ensure that you do not have a loss of coverage. A Hospital Indemnity plan helps safeguard your savings accounts and supplements your out of pocket expenses.


Hospital Indemnity products are built to help people with chronic illness cover themselves from from the costs hidden in the gaps of traditional health insurance.


In the simplest of terms, Hospital Indemnity plans provide a specified fixed dollar amount for covered services and the duration, regardless of the actual cost of the services.


You may never know when you will get sick, but with a Hospital Indemnity plan you will have the peace of mind that you will be covered no matter what happens.


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