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Life Happens- Are You Prepared?


There used to be a time when having to answer a great deal of health questions in order to apply for life insurance was the norm. All those questions are enough to scare anyone off from trying to obtain a policy. You should know that having some health conditions will not keep you from being denied for life insurance.


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Are you a smoker? Can you stand to lose a few pounds? Do you take prescription medications because of a chronic medical condition? These things should not keep you from a good life insurance policy to help protect your family in the case of your death.

Life insurance companies use the medical information they receive to decide who they will accept and then they assign a rate class. The very cheapest rates generally go to those people who are in very good health with good habits, however it is possible to find affordable rates even if you are a smoker, are overweight, or have a managed health issue.

These days some policy applications have few health questions, or do not require you to answer any health related questions at all. Some insurers offer life insurance policies to people with a chronic health condition if they can demonstrate that they can control their medical issues through diet, exercise and medications. The point here is that this does not need to be a taboo topic. Everyone deserves the peace of mind in knowing that if something were to happen to them their family would be taken care of.

Contact us for help! If you are concerned about finding affordable life insurance because of your age or a health condition, we can research a number of companies and help find the best solution for you. Since we work for many different top insurers, we can offer you a free and customized life insurance search.

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