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Skip the Doctors Office and Make Your Next Visit Online


We are privileged to live in a time where information is readily available at our fingertips.

With access to so much knowledge in the form of websites and search engines the options are limitless when it comes to the info we can find.

One major area of online search is health.

From rashes and allergic reactions, to coughs and fevers, many of us depend on the internet to self-diagnose.

However, this is not always a good idea as many online diagnosis come back far worse than what is really ailing you.


 According to Pew Research Center 61% of adults are looking online for health information, and of those, 59% have done at least one of the following:

  • Read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website, or blog
  • Consulted rankings or reviews online of doctors or other providers
  • Consulted rankings or reviews online of hospitals or other medical facilities
  • Signed up to receive updates about health or medical issues
  • Listened to a podcast about health or medical issue

Online Doctors

What if instead of just searching your symptoms online you were able to visit a doctor via the internet?

Think about it.

What would be some of the pro’s for visiting an online doctor?

For starters there is convenience.

A doctor's visit from the comfort of your own home means that you are not sitting in a waiting room with other people who are sick and running the risk of catching an illness somebody else has.

There is also the benefit of increased rural access.

With many rural areas lacking physicians, the ease of visiting with a doctor online could save hours of travel for many.

It could also be more cost effective.

Internet appointments could cost significantly less than an in office visit, and telemedicine could allow for doctors to more closely monitor patients with chronic conditions.

It could also offer 24/7 access to doctor consultation.

We want to hear from you. Have you visited a doctor online?

If so, what was your experience like?

 If you have not, would you consider this method of visiting a doctor?  

Why or why not?

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