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Stay Healthy with Medicare Preventative Services


Did you know that Medicare covers a full range of preventive services? We want all of our friends and clients to stay healthy and to help with that we wanted to take some time to make sure our readership is aware about the preventative services offered to them through Medicare.

Coverage for preventative services has improved greatly throughout the years and now is the time to take advantage if you feel as though something is wrong and needs to be checked out, or if you just want to ensure that you continue with a good bill of health.

Some examples of Medicare covered Preventive Services and Screenings include but are not limited to:

Medicare covers many more Preventative Services than just those listed above.  For a complete list please visit Medicare.Gov Preventative and Screening Services

Each screening or test listed comes with it’s own link that you can click to go to a new page to learn more about that specific service and what is covered.

Medicare also covers certain Immunizations that can help prevent against illness. Some examples of covered shots include

  • Flu shots: Covered every year during flu season in the winter and fall
  • Hepatitis B : Covered for those considered medium to high risk for developing Hepatitis B
  • Pneumonia Shots: Covered once for most people

As long as you meet basic eligibility standards you have the right to receive these services no matter if you have Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan.

A Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan may also increase your coverage for screenings, tests, and other preventative services. Let us help you find a Medicare Health Plan that covers Preventative Services you need.



Need more information about Medicare's Parts and Preventative Services? Download our New to Medicare guide.

Download your New to Medicare Guide from Trusted Senior Specialists

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