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Are you a Baby Boomer and Soon Retiring?

Posted by admin on May 7, 2018 12:34:13 PM
Retirement can be a relaxing and satisfying stage of life, though it may come with some challenges. The greatest challenge many face, is planning for their financial futures. Health care can be one of the greatest expenses for retirees- and those costs are continuously growing.
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3 Basics Aspects of Hospital Care

Posted by TSS Medicare Helper on Mar 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM

No one ever plans to be hospitalized, but for many enrolled in Medicare Part A it is a relief for them to know that this part of Original Medicare will cover some of the expenses they will incur during their hospitalization. Medicare Part A is often referred to as Hospital Insurance and this part of Medicare helps pay for the care you receive if you are admitted as an inpatient in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

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Topics: Medicare Part A, What is Medicare Part A?, Original Medicare, What is Original Medicare?, hospital, inpatient hospital care, long-term care

How to Locate Elder Care in Your City or Town

Posted by admin on Jun 1, 2015 2:01:01 PM

Here is another handy website that you can visit to find local resources that may help you or a loved one remain independent at home despite aging or a disability: ElderCare.gov. The prominent feature of the site is a lookup form that delivers results right to your computer monitor, tablet, or smartphone. You can search for a number of different services by city or ZIP code. People without access to the Internet can also call this free service at 1-800-677-1116.


At Trusted Senior Specialists, we pride ourselves on helping elders enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in their senior years. If you have questions about senior health insurance, senior life insurance, or annuities, contact us here: 1-855-474-6234 or at info@ilovetss.com

Elder Care Resources in Your City or Town

The Eldercare.gov website and eldercare locater tool is provided as a free resource by the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is intended as a free service to help connect elderly people and their families with local community services. This means that the Department of Aging, a part of the DHHS, works with regional, state, and local agencies. In some cases, services may not be public ones but many are.

Some examples of the types of services that you can find include adult day cares, legal assistance, nursing homes, housing options, and home repair assistance. If you have no idea where to find help with elder care in your local area, or you don’t even know what kind of help might be out there, this is not a bad place to start.

We Specialize in Helping Senior Citizens

At Trusted Seniors Specialists, we work hard to help our clients plan for their senior years. If you have questions about Medicare health insurance or other retirement planning, contact us right away: 1-855-474-6234 or at info@ilovetss.com



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Do Veterans' benefits pay for Long Term Care?

Posted by admin on Jan 7, 2015 10:28:56 AM

Before discussing how veterans benefits might help pay for long term care, it might be helpful to define what long term care usually means. This is a very broad term that typically covers everything from help with normal activities (Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs) to help managing illnesses and infirmities. This care could be provided by home caregivers, adult day care workers, or in a residential setting like an assisted living home or skilled nursing facility.

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Topics: Medicare, Retirement, veterans, long-term care

What is long-term care? Planning ahead

Posted by admin on Aug 29, 2014 3:52:30 PM

Some seniors and disabled people need extra help with their care. In some cases, they might just need a little bit of help with daily care activities, usually called activities of daily living (ADLs). In other cases, they may need medical monitoring, supervision, or therapy.

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